Wetlands and Wetland Maps   Wetlands and Wetland Maps
.WetLand Maps and Data sets available for the United States !!

Wetlands and WetLand Maps


Provides Wetland maps and Wetlands data sets for the environmental professional.  Wetlands are based on United States Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetland Inventory data and classified on the Cowardin system.   

WetLandMAPS.com provides uses an interactive geographical interface to view and identity Wetlands.  User can easily zoom to their area of interest using various pan, zoom and location tools.  Topographic maps are used as base layers in the displaying of Wetlands.  User are allowed to select which Wetlands classes to display, identify and use in map creation.  Wetland attributes can be further clarified and climate data can be displayed  per county.  

Custom Wetland maps can be produced and downloaded directly to your system for plotting.  Wetlands data can be overlaid onto 1:24,000 scale topographic maps or aerial photos.  Wetland maps can be produced in multiple formats, such as PDF, TIFF and JPEG.  Wetland maps can be generated as a single sheet, for use with plotters or in an Atlas Mode for printing on your printer.

WetLand Plants, known as hydrophytes are distinctive from upland plants due to their special adaptations to wet environments. Hydrophyte species have morphological, physiological and reproductive adaptations that allow them to survive in inundated or saturated soils where non-hydrophytes can not.  These resources are designed to provide a reference to scientists and environmental professionals working with wetland issues better understand wetland vegetation. The pages provide numerous links to other resources. It provides download access for the current plant lists and numerous other resources.

  WetLands Data is available in ESRI shape file format and includes projection file.   Topographic data and Aerial Photos available in GeoTiff Format and includes world files.

All Wetlands data sets and maps are available in UTM, State Plane and Latitude / Longitude projections.

A totally interactive geographical interface for viewing, identifying, selecting and ordering WetLand MAPS and Data.

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Wetlands and Wetland Maps

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