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USGS renames the National Elevation Dataset (NEDs)!

USGS NED data is still available and being updated continually,
but the USGS ‘NED’ terminology has been retired.

The national DEM layers previously referred to as the ‘NED’ are now branded as USGS 3DEP seamless DEMs.  These seamless national DEM layers are just a few of the datasets offered in the broader suite of 3DEP elevation products.

For a description of USGS 3DEP products and services, visit  http://nationalmap.gov/3DEP/3dep_prodserv.html

ChartTiff will continue to update and offer USGS 3DEP seamless DEMs as NEDs.

For additional information:   NED About

For NED availability and pricing:   NED Search

NextGen Geos !
(USGS GeoPDF as Geotiffs)

USGS GeoPDF as GeoTiff Map Revisions


2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

ChartTiff offers USGS GeoPDF Topographic Maps as Geotiff's. 
ChartTiff updates it's NextGen Geo dataset weekly from the USGS,
offering the latest quads available. 
14,594 quads have already been updated this year. 
The USGS has also added
1,691 quads this year in Alaska.

ChartTiff offers it's Collarless / Seamless NextGen Geos in various projections and formats.

Users also have the option to select only the layers required for their application.

For additional information:   NextGen Geo About

For NextGen Geo availability and pricing:   NextGen Geo Search

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